Why ‘The Homegrown Revival?’
The Homegrown Revival is an open-source project allowing others to learn, share and create farm grown foods.  The Homegrown Revival will raise awareness for the public on foraging, growing, sourcing and cooking locally sourced produce and proteins for daily meals.

Farmed produce is grown by people in your community. By helping communities find the face to their local producers, relationships are cultivated, new eating habits formed and quality of life is increased.

The Homegrown Revival Goals:
We seek to ensure that the “local food” food trend resonates into good consumer practices throughout this state.  We want to educate Texans, both urban and suburban, about the foods available in their area and help them source and prepare these foods with confidence.

How Do We Do This?
We want to take farm fresh produce and place it in urban settings.

The Homegrown Revival will produce a series of dinners beginning in Austin, and then across Texas.  Depending on the geographic area these semi-public dinners will involve food historians and farmers, lessons in food preparation and of course a festive atmosphere in which to enjoy the freshly grown bounty.

The series of dinners will promote camaraderie, allowing each table the freedom of being in their own atmosphere and creating their own eating experience.

How will The Homegrown Revival get to the public?
The Homegrown Revival will include a multimedia website, series of dinners, and collaborative relationships with local media.

A blog will showcase galleries, recipes, videos, forums, and more in support of The Homegrown Revival Movement.

Chef Sonya Coté (Hillside Farmacy) and Tink Pinkard will plan menus, cater a stage and cook the meals for each dinner. Coté will also be involved in other projects in the future.

Who Should Get Involved?
People with an interest in increasing their quality of life and increasing their identification with native, regional culture.  Those interested in the cultural, historical and technical aspects of food and even folks just looking for a good time with family and friends are encouraged to come participate.

The Homegrown Revival believes the food you eat should reflect where you live.

What and how you eat effects almost every aspect of your life.  You truly are what you eat.

This is your opportunity to join the Food Revolution!

Meet the Revivalists:

Chef Sonya Coté – Chef
For Chef Sonya Coté, food is political, cooking is a form of activism and the revolution is on. Named one of The Daily Meal’s "Top 10 Badass Women Chefs in America", owner and executive chef of both Austin’s Hillside Farmacy, Eden East and the Homegrown Revival Supper Club, cooking is more than just putting food on a plate - it’s about creating "edible pieces of art", utilizing locally-grown and raised ingredients for freshness and nutrition, and educating future generations. 

Growing up in Rhode Island, Coté’s French chef grandfather shared his love for fresh and simple gourmet dishes that would spark her inspiration for years to come. Sonya's interest in cooking continued to grow while living on an Iowa commune with her mom where she learned the exchange of food from garden to mouth, the craft of foraging for food and the family and community bonding that goes into creating a meal - all philosophies that continue to shape Coté’s culinary perspective. Her degree in graphic arts from the Art Institute of Dallas led to a marketing career with Whole Foods Market. During that time, Coté founded her first catering company supplying bites for art openings and pairing expertly matched cuisine to artwork at the Dallas Contemporary Art Museum. 

Chef Coté was awarded the Edible Magazine 2011 Local Hero Award for work in the East Side Showroom kitchen for her commitment to making significant contributions to the local food movement in Austin. She is a member of the prestigious Les Dames d’Escoffier and has been featured in local and national television and print for her part in the burgeoning food revolution and continues to support the hard work and diligence of local farms and artisans in every part of her craft.

Today, Coté can be found splitting her time between her two restaurants and the Homegrown Revival supper club series, combing the fields of Springdale Farm for menu inspirations for Eden East, sourcing ingredients at the Austin Farmers’ Market and / or making appearances at culinary fundraisers and other local food events. 

Tink Pinkard - Outfitter
Tink grew up in Oberlin, Louisiana in his grandfather’s butcher shop.  As both a lamb farmer and butcher, his grandfather taught him both the ebb and flow of raising animals, and the processing of them.  His father worked as an oilman offshore, and was only home 2 weeks out of the month.  During his time inland, however, he would take Tink to the woods throughout Louisiana and Texas and teach him how to hunt and fish.  It was here that Tink found his love of the land, and spent every minute he could either in the pasture with his grandfather, or in the woods with his father.  
Tink spent several years in West Yellowstone Montana guiding fly-fishing groups and eventually hunting expeditions. The art of fair chase hunting and processing of proteins were birthed and grown over this period of time. 

While Montana is an outdoorsman’s play land, Texas was home.  He wanted to find a place that was as passionate about food with integrity as he was, and a place that would offer him ample opportunity to ply his trades.  The Texas Hill Country proved to be that utopia.  Together with his wife, they moved to Austin.  It is here that he works to promote local, sustainable food practices, as well as responsible land and game management.
Tink will take lead on the procurement of any future proteins for The Homegrown Revival festivities. His outfitting skills will also be a future portion of The Homegrown Revival experience. 

Tink, "I am a professional hunting and fly-fishing guide located in the Texas Hill Country.  My focus is to provide hunters the opportunity to hunt and harvest white tail deer, exotic species and feral hogs in a fair chase situation.  I strive to not only educate a hunter on the basics of the hunt and harvest, but to promote and educate on the utilization of the complete animal "from nose to tail."  I aim to do the same for my clients on the beautiful waters throughout Texas when I guide them fly-fishing.  I am available for instruction whether you are a novice fly-fisherman, or a seasoned angler looking to improve your cast.  I look forward to guiding you on your next outdoor adventure!"

Tink Pinkard has been featured in many publications including Texas Monthly, acted as produce buyer with Farmhouse Delivery, and guided professional hunts with international writers, scientists and sportsmen.

Charles Barrow - Community Manager
From a very young age, Charles told his parents that "every meal should be breakfast tacos."  We're assuming this began his interest in regionally inspired meals.  Or, maybe it was just a love of anything to which you can add pork.  In any case, Charles also has a firm belief that food can energize and inspire, create lasting relationships, and provides the perfect object over which to hold a dialogue.  In his traditional long-windedness, "My goals are to to keep the conversation alive, help answer any questions, and help move forward The Homegrown’s unique message and collaboration between chef, forager, hunter, and multimedia educator to promote finding, preparing, and consuming locally sourced ingredients."  Whew.....let's hope he doesn't talk with his mouth full....

Mike Lavigne
Mike Lavigne has close to a fifteen years experience in political and legislative strategy and communications. Previous to becoming a private consultant, Lavigne worked in widely varying capacities for public officials and electoral campaigns of all sizes and scope. His last regular job was a tour of duty as the Executive Director/Spokesperson for the Texas Democratic Party, overseeing the first Democratic House gains in a generation.

Several years ago, after burning out on partisan politics and striking out on his own, Lavigne found therapy in cooking and poker. Since then he has worked to steer his professional consultancy into areas of personal interest and greater good rather than engaging in partisan warfare. He believes fresh, local and sustainable food doesn’t just taste better, but are healthier for our society as a whole. He’s also an avid home cook who first met Chef Cote’ over a hog carcass at a Dai Due class.

David Barrow – Multimedia Producer/Event Producer/Education Coordinator
For David Barrow food became reality after cultivating and growing in Panama and California. These experiences birthed a lifestyle, an activism and everyday statements. David’s firm beliefs that where you live should dictate what you eat,  underlies many of The Homegrown Revival goals. David is the driving force behind the message, education and the future work behind The Homegrown Revival. Aside from loving food, David is an award-winning video producer, an educator and an avid adventurer. A belief that everyone has a great story drives David to continue finding and sharing those with others.

Emmy Lou - The HGR mascot and loyal quad-ped that oversees all food production with watchful eyes...

Photography provided by Raychel K Deppe from Raychel K Deppe Photography and Applebox Imaging.